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Salesforce Connector Overview

The connector allows for quicker and simpler implementation, without losing the flexibility to tailor according to your organization’s specific Salesforce instance.

The Salesforce Connector offers an hourly, bi-directional Contact Sync and a daily Transaction Sync.

For the Contact Sync, Engaging Networks keeps track of which supporters require syncing via an internal timestamp. Engaging Networks then compares Contacts that have been altered, against the Last Modified Date on the Contact.

For the Transaction Sync, supporter actions are pushed as staging records inside Salesforce.

A new and Lightning ready Engaging Networks Connector App, processes these staging records according to configurable ‘Mapping Rules’.

Using and understanding the connector

We strongly recommend taking the Academy course and reading through the guides here before using the connector.

Depending on your use of the connector, you may not need to understand all of its  functions:

Key features

  • Designed for the Salesforce Non-Profit Success Package and customizable for other Salesforce editions

  • Intuitive console to manage integration settings directly in Engaging Networks

  • Out-of-the-box mapping and matching rules, reducing need to custom coding or additional developer work

  • Automatically sync contacts, opportunities, and custom fields as intended, with one or two-way workflows for contact mapping


Q: If I’m a client currently on the legacy Salesforce connector, do I need to upgrade?

A: No, no action is needed if already set up with an existing integration. However, if interested in upgrading to the new 2.0 Connector, please contact your account manager to review next steps and consider any business processes impacted by workflows, mappings, etc. that will need to be recreated. All clients will follow the directions outlined in the technical documentation in order to properly set up the 2.0 Connector, regardless of previous integration.

Q: Will Salesforce campaigns connect all supporter data? Will it connect supporter actions with Salesforce opportunities and campaigns? 

A: Campaigns will pull in any supporter data as mapped, with the option of all default and custom fields. The only required supporter fields to map are Last Name and Email. Supporters can roll up as Salesforce campaign members based on mappings in transaction data and campaign setup. Please refer to technical documentation to ensure transaction mapping and campaigns are set to connect data as intended in Salesforce.

Q: Is the connector available in the App Exchange?

A: Yes, the connect is available on the App Exchange. You can find details here for how to install.

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