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Target database: Ireland TDs



IE / English : Ireland TD

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Republic of Ireland

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The Republic of Ireland TD database contains the members of the Teachta Dála of the Irish parliament. 

You can use this in Email to target pages for your supporters to send emails to their TDs, or you can send emails to the TDs from your own organisation using the Political broadcast tools.

This database is not postcode mapped. If you want to use it on a email to target or tweet to target page, then you need to have it uploaded as a custom database.


For electoral purposes, the Republic of Ireland is divided into areas known as constituencies, each of which elects three, four, or five TDs. Therefore each supporter will be contacting more than one TD when taking action.

If you wish to use this database, please contact your account manager or support team who can add it for you.

Before using a custom database, you should ensure you have set up a custom envelope

Using this database in an Email to Target

The database is not postcode-enabled. Therefore your supporters cannot use their postcode to determine their constituency and which TDs to target.

If you wish to use this database in an Email to Target (ETT), it will be set up as a custom database for you by the Support team, and you’ll need to use a Match Field so supporters can choose their constituency and thus their TDs.

1) Create an Irish Constituency field in your account data structure

The match field needs to be something your supporters can choose from your supporter database (the Account Data Structure). For example, you could create a new not-tagged field called “Irish Constituency”.

  • Leave the Field Tag as “Not Tagged”

  • Change the Default Field Type to Select. Click the “Edit select values” button. Choose “Import a list” and select “Republic of Ireland constituencies” and Import. Replace values and save the list (button is at the bottom of the list)

  • Save the field

2) Add the database as a Custom Database to your account

The support team can do this for you. They will match the Irish Constituency field from the custom database to the new field you added in step 1.

3) Create an Email-to-Target using the new database

We will summarise how to create the page here. If you are not familiar with creating email to target pages, click here first.

Create a new Email to Target page as usual. For the Target, choose a Custom Database and select the one that the Support team uploaded for you.

Complete the admin screen as usual. 

On the first page, ensure you include the Email Address field as well as the match field.

On the second page, you should include the Target Block. You can use the following inserts if required:

  • “Organization” for the Irish constituency

  • “Biography 1” for the TD’s salutation (includes Dear)

  • “Biography 8” for the Party

The third page should contain a thanks message. Add a thanks email if required.

4) Test and launch

Test the page as usual to ensure it looks correct, and the target emails and thanks email look good. You can test the entire action when previewing as it will be in “Demo” mode which means the targets will not be contacted. Instead you will see what email they would receive.

When ready, set the status to Live and promote the live URLs (not the demo URL).

Using this database in a Political Broadcast

If you wish to use the legacy broadcast tools to contact TDs directly, then this needs to be added to your account. Contact your account manager or support team to get it added.

Once added, the database is called IE / English : Ireland TD.

When selecting targets, you can use the following in the Contact Data filter:

  • “Organization” for the Irish constituency

  • “Biography 8 (Party)” for the party

See below for the values in those fields.

Irish Constituency list

Cork East
Cork North-Central
Cork North-West
Cork South-Central
Cork South-West
Dublin Bay North
Dublin Bay South
Dublin Central
Dublin Fingal
Dublin Mid-West
Dublin North-West
Dublin Rathdown
Dublin South-Central
Dublin South-West
Dublin West
Dún Laoghaire
Galway East
Galway West
Kildare North
Kildare South
Limerick City
Limerick County
Meath East
Meath West

Irish party list

Fianna Fáil
Fine Gael
Green Party
Independents 4 Change
Sinn Féin
Social Democrats
Solidarity – People Before Profit



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