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Donation pages – Next Suggested Gift

In this article you will learn how to create a Next Suggested Gift (or NSG) to present to your donors to encourage an increase of the supporter’s donation amount.

Video Walkthrough

Using Highest Previous Contribution (HPC) or Most Recent Contribution (MRC), you can offer your donors a dynamic display of ‘Next Suggested Gifts’ ranges on a donation page

Create a Next Suggested Gift string

To use this tool in page-builder you will first need to set up the component under Pages > Components > Next Suggested Gift.

To create a new ‘Next Suggested Gift’ string just click New Gift Suggestions.

This will open the Suggested Gift editor where you can create your string rules.




This is the name of the ‘NSG’ component. This name will be displayed internally and in page-builder, so a descriptive name is useful.


Add any internal notes here

Single and Recurring Giving

To set up a a range of donation amounts click Add range and suggestion rule and fill in the variables for Single and Recurring Giving separately by clicking on their respective tabs. For example, you may wish to try and increase those supporters whose Highest Previous Contribution was between $0 and $20, by 20% on single giving. Therefore, add the range and then define the Next Suggested Gift with its options.

When Highest Previous Contribution (HPC) or Most Recent Contribution (MRC) is recognized, but NSG values have not been set for single or recurring values, default values set for single and monthly will be displayed and swap lists will be ignored. If HPC or MRC is not recognized as specified, swap lists will function as usual.

Build Suggestion Strings

If you would like to add NSG strings click the pencil icon then click the green plus sign .

You can then set up the other values the donor will see in the donation string by choosing plus or minus, entering the numeric value, and choosing % or $. For example if you wanted the value to be 25% higher than the first NSG value you would use:

Continue adding NSG values until you have the string you want to display. You can preview your string in the right box. Note that the NSG value itself will be the default or preselected value on the form.

What if the supporter would rather ‘Give Monthly’? The ‘Recurring Giving’ tab allows you to define ranges and ‘Next Suggested Gift’ to be based on a supporter selecting to give monthly instead.

Once you have saved your NSG component you can activate it by clicking the name of the NSG and then clicking the green Launch button.

If you are finished using an NSG component, you can remove it from page-builder by clicking the Retire button.

Using a Next Suggested Gift (NSG) String

If you have created NSG components you can use them on your “Donation Amount” field within page-builder. When editing the “Donation Amount” field you can tick the box to enable a suggested gift string (the option will appear after you have saved your form once). Then choose the NSG string from the drop-down menu or click Manage to edit the NSG components.

From this view, you will select whether the NSG calculations should render according to Highest Previous Contribution or Most Recent Contribution from available supporter data.

Lightbox FAQs

Can I change an NSG component after it has been launched?

Once an NSG component has been launched it cannot be edited as a safeguard for reporting.

Which form fields can I use with NSG?

An NSG can only work on a select with input or radio with input field type

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