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Symbolic Giving – featured products list block

The “Featured products list” block is only available for Symbolic Giving pages in the Home page section in page-builder. The block is already added when you first set up your site, but if it is accidentally removed you can add it again by going to the right-hand toolbar then to Symbolic Giving> Featured products list block.

It is used to display a group of products by selecting either products, categories, tags and/or those on sale. A similar block is the feature an item block.

Editing the block in page-builder

When editing the block, you can filter what is displayed in the group of products by clicking on the pencil icon in the dotted area. By default this will display All Allowed Products (allowed products are those set in the Symbolic Giving’s page settings),

However, you can instead filter the list by individual Products, or by products’ category, tag or whether they have a sale price (“on sale”). These last three filters are all set in the Product Management area.

The Header text is what appears above the list of products, and you have various display options and list options below.

Example of what this block might look like

How it works

Clicking on an item in the featured products list will take the supporter to the relevant Product of the Symbolic Giving site where they can add the item to their cart.

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