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Email Campaign Reporting

You can access detailed reports for individual email campaigns sent by the system. By looking at the statistics, you’ll be able to evaluate your emails to see which ones work best for your organization.

You can get summary reports of all emails sent over a specific period via the data reports

To get the most from your email reporting, you’ll need to make sure that you use the ‘tracked links’ insert tool when inserting links into your email. If you don’t, your reporting will show zero ‘clicks’ for any link you’ve added. For more information on inserting links correctly, see this page.


If you go to Emails > Manage Emails, you’ll see a list of all the broadcasts that you have sent out using the system. To view the report for any sent email campaign, just click the name of the email campaign and then click the orange pie chart icon.

At the top of the screen you’ll see the date the email was sent and a “Show query information” link that will display the query used to select the supporters. Note: This query is only recorded for 6 months.

On the reports screen, you’ll see a summary of the email stats and a pie chart of the open rates. If you have inserted links to donation or advocacy pages you will also see the amount raised and number of actions on those pages.

If you would like to download these stats in spreadsheet format, simply click



The number of emails sent. This is the total list size minus any emails that are already flagged as ‘suppressed‘ or if they were skipped because they are in an automation.


The number of emails uniquely opened.

We record opens via an invisible image that is downloaded when the supporters open their emails. If supporters have images turned off, we are unable to know whether they opened an email.


This will increase the first time that the recipient clicks on any trackable link within the email. Each click thereafter would be calculated in the “Most opened/clicked” chart below.


The number of supporters to (uniquely) complete an action from an email.

Open Rate

The number of emails opened, as a percentage of the number of emails delivered (to your supporters’ inboxes).

Click Rate

The number of unique clicks on trackable links, as a percentage of the number of emails delivered.

Unsubscribes & Unsub Rate

The number of supporters that unsubscribed via this email. This includes both methods: via a one-click unsubscribe link, or from setting an opt-in to N on an email subscriptions page linked in an email via an unsubscribe link insert. The rate is as a percentage of the number of emails delivered.


The number of emails that haven’t been delivered from the total list because they have bounced, for example, because the email address no longer exists. More information on the bounce codes used can be found in the relevant help file.

Marked as Spam

The number of emails that people mark as ‘spam’. If this happens, the email service (such as hotmail) feeds this information back to us and we mark it as a ‘complaint’. This supporter will no longer receive any future mailings.


The ‘Opens over time’ graph will show you when people did opened the email. It’s a useful tool to see if there are any spikes in activity, perhaps due to a TV interview or a newspaper advert. The graph is dynamic, meaning the timeline, the scale, and the statistics within it change automatically over time.

If you ‘mouse over’ the graph at a given point, you’ll see a count of the opens that occurred on that date.

The “links most opened/clicked” will show you the number of clicks that each of your URLs are receiving as long as they have been inserted with the Engaging Networks WYSIWYG editor.

The left hand column lists the link name and the right column lists the URL and the count of clicks.

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