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Marketing Tools – Broadcast – Creating a Messaging Broadcast

A messaging broadcast is a campaign sent via the Marketing Tools. It can be an Email sent to a group of supporters, an SMS, or a combination of both. It can also have conditional content or split tests.

A broadcast consists of several stages which can be worked on individually (and in almost any order) until you are ready to send:

  • Setup – the name and type of broadcast
  • Audience – who the broadcast will go to
  • Message – the broadcast message itself
  • Testing – testing the message by sending tests to yourself, colleagues or a seed list
  • Sending – sending the message
  • Reporting – reporting on a sent message

The first step is to create your new broadcast.

Creating a new broadcast

To create a new broadcast, go to Marketing Tools > Messaging > Broadcasts.

This will list your existing broadcasts, if any. To create a new broadcast, you can either copy an existing broadcast or create a new one.

Copying an existing broadcast

This method copies across everything in an existing broadcast, including the message content and the audience query. This can therefore be a quick way to create something similar again. To copy an existing broadcast, click the copy icon

next to the item in the list.

You will be asked to give the broadcast a name. This is used internally, for reporting and querying so it’s recommend you use a naming convention to make managing your messages more easy.

This will create a new broadcast in the list. From here you can edit the broadcast by clicking the

edit icon. From here, check the various stages in the editor to edit your broadcast (Setup, Audience, Message, Testing, Sending, Reporting). For more information on these, click on the links.

Create a new broadcast from scratch

Or, to create a new broadcast from scratch, click the orange “Create Broadcast” button.

You will be taken to the Setup screen where you can decide on the name of the broadcast and type of message.

Read more about the Setup screen here.

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