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Marketing Tools – Broadcast – Setup

This article is about the initial Setup stage in a Marketing Tools broadcast. There are several stages which can be worked on individually (and in almost any order):

  • Setup – the name and type of broadcast
  • Audience – who the broadcast will go to
  • Message – the broadcast message itself
  • Testing – testing the message by sending tests to yourself, colleagues or a seed list
  • Sending – sending the message
  • Reporting – reporting on a sent message
  • Folders & Sub-Folders – area where you can manage your broadcast emails

Completing the Setup step

  • Broadcast Name – You will be asked to give the broadcast a name. This is used internally, for reporting and querying so it’s recommend you use a naming convention to make managing your messages more easy.
  • Primary ask of your broadcast – This is used in reporting. Choose from Advocacy, Engagement, Fundraising or Newsletter
  • Please select a delivery method – Choose from Email, SMS or Email and SMS.

    Email will send emails only to the audience
    SMS will send only text messages to valid phone numbers to the audience
    Email and SMS will send both emails and SMS to valid phone numbers – note that a supporter will then potentially receive both the email and the SMS message.

    SMS SMS options will only be available if the Twilio set-up has been completed. Refer to this article if you wish to use this delivery method.

    Please note You cannot change the delivery method once the Setup step is saved

  • Sender: If you choose “SMS” or “Email and SMS” for the Delivery method, then you will be shown a Sender dropdown to choose which Connected Account to use. This is set up via Account settings > Extensions > Twilio – please see this article for how to set up a Twilio Account.

Click the orange Save Broadcast button once you completed this step. You will then be taken to the Audience step

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