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Base URL changes – deprecation of and for pages

The shared domains listed below will no longer be available to use after January 12, 2024, for rendering page processing:


The deprecation of these domains will be wildcarded (denoted by the asterisk), which means not only will the root domain no longer be available but any subdomains under that root as well (e.g.

What should we use instead?

You should be using a custom subdomain, such as, for your pages. Please contact support if you do not have a custom subdomain. 

How do we know if we’re using the wrong domains?

1) Check your account defaults

Go to the Hello menu > Account settings > Account preferences. Look under the Base URL settings to check the values. (If you are not using donation pages do not worry about the Donation Base URL setting)

In the below example, the Base URL is set as which means new pages will use that as their subdomain. This needs to be changed. 

2) Check your live pages

If the above settings are correct then check your Live pages. The account settings mean that new pages inherit the subdomain, but it doesn’t change live pages’ domains. 

Go to the admin (cog) icon of your live page and check its Base URL. In the below example, a custom URL is set which is correct.

3) Check redirections

As an additional check, ensure that any redirections haven’t been set using the old domain. You can check by editing the page and looking at Processing Rules > Redirect and Filter

You should also check other links that might be hard-coded into your website or other sites. For example, a Donation button on your homepage might still be going to a You will need to update that to the correct URL given in the Page’s Published URLs

5) Check widgets or lightboxes

If appropriate, check ‘sign up’ widgets or lightboxes that have been implemented by developers or agency partners. The ‘post URL’ may need to be updated to reflect your new domain.

What about the API?

The API can continue to use or They do not need to use subdomains.

Allowed domains

Once you are ready to add any additional subdomains, you may do so again by going to your Account Settings, and adding them under Account Preferences > Allowed DomainsAllowed Domains means that other domains cannot server your pages. 

Please let us know if you have any questions on the transition or your setup.

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