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Sample blueprint templates for page-builder

The page-builder contains a series of sample templates for you to use if you do not wish to create your own.

The sample templates are created from blueprints, and they allow you to alter the design (for example colours, fonts and logos) without having to edit HTML and CSS, although this option is available for advanced users.

How to create a template from a blueprint

  1. Go to Pages > Components, and then Templates on the left menu
  2. Click New Template, and then click on the Template blueprints tab. This will list all Sample templates (that we provide) as well as any Account blueprints that you may have added yourselves
  3. Under Sample templates, click on the one you would like to use (see below for a rundown), and then click ✔ Select
  4. The editor will open. On the left you’ll see various vertical tabs that allow you to adjust different parts of the template that will be created from the blueprint. For more information on what is available, read the information on the blueprint you are working with below
  5. Give the template a name and Save. This will create a new page template for you to use on your page or pages.

Available blueprint templates

NameDescriptionHelp article
Free & Flexible page template V2All-round template with multiple display options> Find out more
Accessible ready blueprint templatesAccessible ready templates for donation and petition pages> Find out more
iFrame Template (beta)For pages that are embedded as iFrames in your site> Find out more
E-commerce Template (Symbolic Gifts)Ecommerce pages are designed as a microsite, and therefore the standard templates may not work as well for these as for other page types. Therefore, we have created a dedicated template for these page types. 
Engaging Networks Wide Template (legacy)Replaced by “Free & Flexible page template V2” 
Engaging Networks Multistep Template (legacy)Replaced by “Free & Flexible page template V2” 

Creating your own blueprint

Read this article for more

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