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Release Notes June 2022

Release 4.4.0 deployed on June 17, 2022 at 9pm ET.

Release Highlights

Notable Updates

Stripe Bacs Direct Debit UK

Bacs direct debit payments from the UK are now available to collect using the Stripe gateway. When including, the details will redirect the supporter to securely submit bank details using a Stripe Checkout flow.

Please refer to this article for more details on setting up Bacs Direct Debit payments through Stripe.

Encrypted Bank Store

We will additionally offer an encrypted bank store option to securely collect bank details to initiate a direct debit gift. The details will be available for 32 days via the Export API in order to then import to the intended direct debit processor.

Venmo (U.S. only)

Through the PayPal gateway, Venmo will be available as a digital wallet option to accept one-time transactions from U.S. banks only (and send to a U.S. bank) on standard donation pages. This will display alongside PayPal OneTouch but will be reportable with digital wallet: venmo as the payment type on export.


Marketing Automation

Through the ENS API, there is now an endpoint to allow adding existing supporters in bulk to an active marketing automation. This will allow supporters to qualify more than once for an intended automation (at most once per day). This may be leveraged to solve for upcoming Mastercard requirements, including providing advanced notice of recurring transaction charges.

Sustainer Management

Through the Supporter Lookup, recurring transactions can now be updated to reschedule the Next Payment Date. This will allow the supporter to skip any intended timeframe and continue the recurring schedule as desired, starting on the next scheduled payment date. The ENS API has also been updated to support setting the next scheduled payment date (with format YYYY-MM-DD) within a recurring transaction update request.

When canceling, EN users may also schedule a future cancellation date and/or indicate a cancellation reason to log. If a cancellation date is set, the gift would continue to process as scheduled until the selected end date. The cancellation reasons must be set up specific to the account and are customizable.

Vantiv XML 12 Upgrade

The Vantiv Gateway integration has been upgraded to XML v12. Additionally, an optional eCheck validation service has been added. If interested in leveraging the eCheck / ACH validation, please contact Vantiv directly, and then reach back out to Engaging Networks to let us know to also enable in your account once ready.

iATS Card Management

Using the iATS gateway, the credit card number and expiration date associated with a recurring gift can now be updated through the Supporter Lookup, as well as in the Supporter Hub directly.


The delivered count has been added to data reports, and is available in a column alongside the sent count. This calculates the total sent without bounced and/or suppressed emails.

Page Builder

Supporter latitude (supporter.geo.latitude) and longitude (supporter.geo.longitude) values can now be submitted via the ENS API or on a page directly by page post.

Additionally, the time zone will be passed from the supporter’s browser on page processing and stored in the supporter offset field (supporter.sendOffset) in the format ±00:00.

Bug Fixes and Adjustments

Page Builder

  • External Reference fields 6-10

    • Currently, values assigned in the page admin settings supersede values passed as URL parameters for External Reference fields 6-10. If both are present, the page values will take precedence.

    • After the June release this behavior will change and values passed as URL parameters will supersede values set in the page admin settings for External Reference fields 6-10. After the release if both are present, the values in the URL will take precedence. Please see more details here.

  • An alert has been added for supporters who update their email address during a pre-populated form submission to explain the session expiry/refresh.

  • ‘Other’ field values are now written on subsequent recurring transactions.

  • Fee cover amounts were displayed as blank values in receipts and autoresponders, regardless of the supporter’s inclusion. This has been fixed.

  • Customized Captcha alerts were not rendering the saved changes when displayed. This has been corrected.

  • After checking the mobile version to edit a text block, the block was not reappearing when returning to edit. This has been fixed.

  • An error was previously thrown when including dynamic field merges into trackable links. Dynamic inserts are now supported to include.

  • URL parameters were not populating the ‘inform’ in memoriam fields. This has been resolved.

  • When creating a new origin source, this can now be tied to the relevant category on setup, without requiring an additional import.

  • When editing the same page in multiple tabs, the page would save in both instances and no longer allow edits to the page. This has been updated to validate if the page edits are in sync, and if not, restore missing components or remove deleted components as relevant. An overlay warning is displayed to indicate the change as applicable. However, we still encourage users to edit a page in one tab.

  • Upsell lightboxes

    • Donation amounts in the upsell lightbox were not displaying the hundredth decimal place. This has been resolved.

    • Lightbox quick reports were not displaying the summary level data across pages. This is now available, along with the existing page filter options. Additionally, fee cover metrics have been added to cvs reports for upsell lightboxes.

    • Pages with redirects were not displaying upsell lightboxes if set to render. This workflow is now supported.


  • Receipts were sequentially numbered for test transactions. They are now generated without numbering.


  • The Click to Call template for custom databases was not loading properly. This has been fixed.


  • Warning errors have been added to clarify that additional event ticket names must be unique and that they must be less than 100 characters. Additionally, validation has been added to prevent special characters from being used in event ticket names to prevent breaking in the receipts and/or tickets.

  • When creating custom autoresponders, ticket filters were not displayed as available options. This has been updated.

  • Receipt numbering is now applied to receipts generated from event pages. This applies to standard receipts and receipts with advantage. 


  • Fundraising visual reports were not returning data properly when tracking parameter filters were applied. This has been fixed.


  • Revoking the permission to delete supporter data was not preventing the user from deleting. This has been fixed.

  • Facebook lead forms were not allowing users other than who connected the Facebook account to link. Lead forms can now be added to link regardless of who connected the account and with any EN permission level (user/admin/superadmin).

  • The Group field was exposed for all user types. This has been updated to only display Group options for User levels and default to ‘none’ for admins and superadmins, as group permissions would not apply.


  • The following page types have been added to the ENS API page list endpoints: email a friend (ef), click to call (c2c), supporter hub (sh), static page (sp), split page (ss), and twitter (tp). 

Supporter Hub

  • The Donation Gadget in the Supporter Hub was not properly loading for admins when editing to add an upsell rule. This has been fixed.

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