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Target database: Police Commissioners


NameUK / English : Police Commissioners
Major update scheduleQuarterly
Records43 + 1 redirection record
RegionEngland and Wales
Can be used for Tweet-to-Target pages?Yes
Can be used for Click-to-Call pages?Yes
Can be used for Political Broadcasts?Yes
Can be used for Data Mapping?Yes

This database contains police and crime commissioners for England and Wales. It is updated as soon as changes occur along with major updates every quarter. If you want to find out when the last major update occurred, please contact Support.

It can be used for email-to-target, tweet-to-target, click-to-call pages and for political broadcasts and data mapping.


A police and crime commissioner (PCC) is an elected official in England and Wales responsible for overseeing police forces.

Postcodes are mapped to each area in this database.

Handling UK countries not covered by this database

If a postcode is entered that picks a UK country that is not England or Wales (and so it not covered by this database), then a contact of the Organization “No contact for this area” with first and last names of “n/a” is returned.

In this way you can redirect to a static page to cover this eventuality.

Related databases

We provide a candidate database in the case of elections.


Column name

What it holds

SalutationThe complete salutation of the target, e.g. “Dear Baroness Hughes,”

The area the target represents, one of Avon and Somerset Constabulary, Bedfordshire Police, Cambridgeshire Constabulary, Cheshire Constabulary, City of London Police Committee, Cleveland Police, Cumbria Constabulary, Derbyshire Constabulary, Devon and Cornwall Constabulary, Dorset Police, Durham Constabulary, Dyfed-Powys Police, Essex Police, Gloucestershire Constabulary, Greater Manchester Police, Gwent Police, Hampshire Constabulary, Hertfordshire Constabulary, Humberside Police, Kent Police, Lancashire Constabulary, Leicestershire Constabulary, Lincolnshire Police, Merseyside Police, Metropolitan Police (Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime in London), No contact for this area, Norfolk Constabulary, North Wales Police, North Yorkshire, Northamptonshire Police, Northumbria Police, Nottinghamshire Constabulary, South Wales Police, South Yorkshire Police, Staffordshire Police, Suffolk Constabulary, Surrey Police, Sussex Police, Thames Valley Police, Warwickshire Police, West Mercia Police, West Midlands Police, West Yorkshire Police, Wiltshire Constabulary

Position heldNot used

The target’s title, e.g. “Ms”

First name

The target’s first name

Last name

The target’s last name


The target’s suffix, e.g. “OBE”

Phone number

The phone number of the target if available

Fax number

Not used

Various address fields

The address fields of the target if available

Party image

URL of their party’s image, used for Twitter actions

Biography 1Not used
Biography 2

Not used

Twitter Handle (Biography 3)

The Twitter handle of the target if available, e.g. @CityPoliceCmsr

Biography 4

Not used

Biography 5

Not used

Biography 6

Not used

Biography 7

The UK region (one of East Midlands, Eastern, London, North East, North West, South East, South West, Wales, West Midlands, Yorkshire and Humber)

Party (Biography 8)

The target’s political party (one Conservative, Independent, Labour, Plaid Cymru)


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