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Appeal Code

The Appeal Code is a transactional field which can be used to mark a donation with that code.

When setting up your Account Data Structure, there are a number of different tags you can use to assign functionality to fields. One of these is ‘Appeal Code’. If populated, the value in the ‘Appeal Code’ tagged field will be stored as part of the transaction, which allows you to identify which ‘appeal’ the supporter was part of as they submitted each page.

If your Account Data Structure does not yet have an Appeal Code field, you will need create it. In order to work as ‘Appeal Code’ the field will have to be created using the tag ‘Appeal Code’.

Using the Appeal Code

In order to use the field, it is necessary that the field is present on your pages if it is to be included in the saved data.

As a page field with a hidden value

You can include this as a hidden field, and populate it either with default values on the page – these default values would be provided in the form block – or provide the value to populate it via the campaign link; this can be useful for email appeals, for example.

Populating the field via the URL

To provide a value for Appeal Code via the URL, simply add the parameter supporter.appealCode= to your campaign link. This can also set values of Hidden fields.

Within the email tool, you can use custom URL parameters to do this.

Using Appeal Code data

Once a supporter has submitted their campaign page with an appeal code set, you will be able to look at this through two different lenses. The first is that the campaign participation transactional data will contain the appeal code in the column Campaign Data 35, so you can see to which appeal each page submission relates. 

The second way to look at Appeal Code is through user export or the ‘Data & Reports > Lookup supporter‘ tool. Here, the value of Appeal Code will always be the last value that was submitted by a supporter, through any action.


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