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Peer to Peer - Site settings


The following can be configured as part of Site Settings

  • Basic site settings

  • Look and feel

  • Event Dates

  • Fundraising options


Basic Site settings

P2P3 Basic Site Settings.png



Site Name

Name of the Peer to Peer Site

Amount to raise

Fundraising goal amount for the site

P2P Type

Event - an example would be a marathon or cycling event

DIY - an example would be a supporter soliciting donations for their birthday or wedding


New - Unpublished site

Live - Published site


Option to not include registration fees in fundraising totals

Look and Feel

P2P3 Look and Feel-20240508-215630.png



Site template

Template or page wrapper that styles the registration form, general site, and login screens of the site

Fundraiser Dashboard Template

Template or page wrapper that styles Fundraiser Dashboards

Message Template

Template for email notifications sent from the site

Event Dates

P2P3 Event settings-20240508-215641.png



Event Start Date

Date the event starts

Event End Date

Date the event ends

Site Time Zone

Timezone for visual dates and times for the site

Fundraising Options

P2P3 Fundraising Options-20240508-215656.png

Individuals - Supporters can only join as individual fundraisers on the site

Individuals & teams - Supporters can join as individuals, create new teams or join existing teams

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