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Sequential Receipting

This document gives an overview of what is required for sequential numeric receipting, and a list of scenarios for when a receipt number is/is not issued.

Before you start

You will need to activate the “Receipt Numbering Service” from the “Account Preferences” page.

Turn on receipting number service (check box)

If the checkbox is ticked, the ID that is inserted into a receipt will be the next sequential number in the series based on the initial number entered below.

Enter the initial receipt number (text box)

This is the number that your sequential receipts begin numbering at. This cannot be changed after it has been set so choose carefully.

For single transactions only (check box)

Currently, only single transactions are issued a receipt from the software.

Attach receipt for notification email (check box)

If this checkbox is ticked, we will also attach a copy of the receipt to your internal notification email for each successful transaction.

Requirements for numeric receipting

  • ‘Receipt Numbering’ must be enabled under account preferences.
  • The donation page must be live
  • The payment gateway must be live
  • The donation page must have a receipt attached to the thank you email or included in the body of the thank you email.
  • {receipt_data~id} must be included in the thank you email or receipt template.
  • Sequential receipting is only available for single transactions and not recurring.

A NEW receipt ID is generated when:

  • A new transaction is processed and the RECEIPT ID – {receipt_data~id} – is inserted into a thank you email AND/OR receipt template. Only one of the two is required for it to be generated.
  • A REPLACEMENT receipt is generated from the supporters record (Supporter Data > Manage Supporters).

A NEW receipt ID will NOT be generated when:

  • A copy of a receipt is generated using ORIGINAL RECEIPT from the supporters record.
  • A transaction is processed on a donation page that does not include a receipt template or the RECEIPT ID – {receipt_data~id} – in the thank you email.
  • A transaction fails and the card is rejected.
  • A recurring transaction is submitted
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