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Marketing Tools – Split Tests

Split Tests allow you to test a message by sending versions out to a proportion of your Audience. 

You can then select a winner manually or automatically (set in your Email Settings).

For example, you may want to test a subject line, or image, to see if more supporters open the email or take action. 

You cannot currently have a Split Test for a message that contains conditional blocks.

Creating a split test

You can create a split test once you have created your first message. To do this, go to the Message stage and hover over the message you want to split test.

Click the “Split Test” icon and you’ll be shown a list of split test versions of that message. If you haven’t yet created any, you’ll just see the Core message or Audience Segment message if using a conditional email.

To add a new split test, click “Add Split” and then choose to create a message from a template (“Start from template”), or a version of an existing message, e.g. your Core message (“Clone Existing”).

Start from template

If you choose to start from a template, you will load the email builder as if starting from scratch.

Clone Existing

If you choose to “Clone Existing” then you choose which message to clone.

The “Name” of the message shows what version of the message it is. If it ends with “- Core” it is your Core message, whereas Audience Segments (conditional whole emails) are suffixed with the name of the profile, e.g. “- Donors”.

If you have already created a split test, then the name of the email will show the profile name and “[Split: B]” for the second version of that message, e.g. ” – Core [Split: B]” or ” – Donors [Split: B]”.

Select the message and click “Select Message” to begin editing it.

Editing a split test

The split test will be an identical copy if you clone, including any conditional blocks.

Simply edit the message as usual to make the changes you want to test on. It is recommend you only test on one thing so you can determine what changes have been successful.

For example, edit the Subject line.

Click Save to save your split test version.

If you want to edit the Split Test after you have closed it, then hover over the Message in the Message stage and click “Manage Split Tests” and then click the email icon in the message list.

Deleting a split test

To delete a split tests, hover over the Message in the Message stage and click the delete icon next to the version to delete.

Testing a split test

The Testing stage shows you the different versions of your message. Split Tests show as “A/B” next to the list if the message has a split test enabled.

To test the message, select “Send all variations of conditional content” and the different versions will be emailed to the test addresses when you click “Send Test Messages”.

Sending a split test

At the Sending stage, you can determine the percentage that the message will tested on. Just type in a number in the “Split Test %” box.

Test messages will be sent to the specified % of each audience segment.

Sending to the winner

If you have set the winner to be sent automatically, this will happen as set by your email settings

If you have set it to be manually sent, then you can go to the Reporting stage which is accessed via the list of broadcasts (the


You will see an area like this:

The reporting will show you how successful each version has been so you can then choose the split test version, and click “Select winner and send” and the remining percentage of supporters not included in the test will receive the selected version.

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