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Static pages

Static pages are a page-builder page type that allow you to create pages without any form functionality. They do not record any supporter interactions but instead are used as informational pages.

Note that static pages are different from web pages, which are account-wide pages used for closed actions and so on.

What are static pages used for?

Most of the time, static pages as used for an end point of a series of chained actions, for example from a redirect & filter. This might be useful if you don’t want supporters in Scotland, say, to take action, so you use a regional redirect to a static page that explains this.

Or perhaps you don’t want to email certain targets, so you use a suppression filter to remove them and redirect to a static page giving more information for supporters and links to other resources.

In short they can be used for anything, just like a standard web page can – for example to host a video which you link to from an email.

How do I create a static page?

To create a static page, go to Pages > Create Page and choose Static from the options.

When you click Next, you will see the admin screen, just like with any other page type.

More information on these settings can be found here.

Editing a static page

The editor is similar to what you find on other page types, except the options are more limited since this does not offer form functionality. You can add the following components:

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