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page-builder – Tools Overview

Each page type in Page Builder has its own set of tools. Depending on the page type, you will see variations in the tools available but there is a core set of six tools that each page type will use.



Add row

Use to insert a row into your page that has either a single, two-column, or multi-colmn layout.


Insert an image block, text block or code block into your page.


Use this to insert form fields and setup form dependencies for your page.


Create and manage your thank you emails and receipts for donation pages here.

Conditional Content

This gives you the ability to assign different supporter profiles to the content you build for the page. When a supporter lands on the page from an email generated in Engaging Networks, the supporter will see the content for the profile they match.

Social Details

Use this to setup your social sharing details and to create the share buttons that get used on the page.

Other tools that are available, depending on the page type, include the following.



Target block

Email to target pages only

Use this to display the target name, subject and email message to be sent. You can also manage message swapping here.

Tweet target block

Tweet to target pages only

Use this to insert the target name, subject and tweet to be sent. You can also manage tweet swapping here.

Ticket block

Order summary block

Attendee block

Event pages only

Use this to insert event-specific fields and information into your event pages. These include tickets, order summary, and an attendee summary.

Accessing the tools

To access the tools for your page type, hover your mouse over the toolbar icon on the right-hand side of the Page Builder window. The toolbar will expand revealing the tools available for the page type you are building.

Using the tools

To add a design element to your page layout, click on the name of the tool to show which items are available. Once you have identified the item you’d like to add to your page, click and drag it into the layout.

Some tools, like conditional content and auto-responders, do not actually have elements that get added to your page layout. Others, like social details, will have a settings and layout element that can be dragged onto the page. You can tell the difference by the icon next to the item.




This indicates that settings are required to use this tool.


This indicates that you can drag the element into your layout.

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