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Email to target: How to report on the number of times targets have been contacted

The target quick report also includes the number of message sent to each target.

You can use pivot tables in Excel, Google Sheets, or another spreadsheet programme, to report on the number of times a target has been contacted.


First you need to export the data and open it in Excel:

  1. Go to Data & Reports > Export, and create a new query

  2. In the blue “Build your universe of all possible records” filter area, go the the advocacy filter area (megaphone icon), add the Email-to-target page you want to report on as a filter

  3. Go to Use Query, and export the data, go to the job monitor, and download from the job monitor

  4. Open the csv file in Excel, or your chosen spreadsheet programme

Then you need to put the data into a pivot table so you can summarise it. This method is if you are using Excel:

  1. Select all the data

  2. Go the Insert menu and choose Pivot Table

  3. It will create a new tab with an empty pivot table on the left, and a PivotTable Fields panel on the right

  4. Under PivotTable fields on the right, drag Campaign Data 3 from the list of fields,  field list into the Rows box. Campaign Data 3 contains the areas the target represents (e.g. the UK constituency)

  5. This should then display all the areas in your data in a list in your pivot table

  6. Then drag Campaign Data 3 again from the list of fields, into the Values box. 

  7. This should then add another column to your pivot table, which is a count of the number of times the area has been targeted.

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