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2024 Release Notes

July 2024 Hotfix

This hotfix was deployed on July 12, 2024 at 3pm ET.


  • When a user tried to update a recurring payment in the hub, the update failed if the credit card field type was token. This was fixed.

  • Processing webhooks for Stripe ACH charge events failed. This was fixed.


  • Exporting a finance report failed if the report was too large. This was fixed.

Low volume pages

  • Only allow a Super Admin to view the results.

  • Excluded pages from the report that were created within the last 30 days.

  • Added additional warning when deleting pages.

Marketing Tools

  • There was an issue with duplicating broadcast messages when dashes were used in message names. This has been fixed.

June 2024

This release deployed June 28, 2024 at 3pm ET

Notable Updates


Support added for ACH Vantiv as a secondary gateway: In this release we have added the ability to include the Vantiv gateway to process ACH transactions as a secondary gateway (“Vantiv ACH”). This can be used in combination with a primary gateway to process credit card transactions on the same donation page. For more information, please check the supportal page: Vantiv Gateway.

Marketing Tools

We continue to improve our Marketing Tools functionality with each release to include additional features and provide a better experience.

  • Marketing Tools split test win criteria, now available at campaign level: Going forward, split test win criteria will also be available at the individual broadcast level. If a broadcast message includes a split test, then on the sending screen of the campaign, users will now be able to select the preferred way to identify the winner. The default selection from Email Settings will be shown and the user can update it to be unique for the individual broadcast that is being sent.

  • Marketing Tools - Account Logs: We are adding audit logs for Marketing Tools broadcasts. The following events will now be available under Account Settings > Account Logs: Broadcast updated, Broadcast audience updated, Email message updated, and Broadcast sent.



  • iDEAL upgraded to version 2.0: iDEAL is an alternative payment method that Netherlands based shoppers can use to make online payments. We updated its API to allow shoppers to use a QR code to process a payment instead of choosing their bank.

  • Replaced “Chariot ID” with “Tracking ID”: Updated the Chariot Donor Advised Fund (DAF) implementation to use the “Tracking ID” instead of the deprecated “Chariot ID”.

Fundraising - page builder

  • Payment type added to custom auto responder filters: An additional filter has been added to help with creating customized autoresponder content. It is now possible to create a conditional autoresponder based on the payment type used on the fundraising page.

Fundraising - Hub

  • Improved the handling of old recurring donations in Payflow by referencing the previous transaction when initiating a Hub card update.

Marketing Tools

  • Update message name when duplicating a marketing tools broadcast: Improvements have been made to provide a better naming framework for broadcasts created by duplicating others. Going forward the message name will automatically pre-fill with the broadcast name.

  • Free and flexible email template - fix 2-column sample block: We have updated the sample block 'Two column text with buttons' to improve the performance in Outlook.


Due to a recent supply chain attack on, we have enabled Cloudflare’s automatic JavaScript URL rewriting to replace links with a secure mirror hosted on

Bug Fixes

Data & Reporting

  • There was an issue running data imports when updating a saved mapping format. This has been resolved.

  • There was an issue opening marketing tools broadcast reports under visual reports. This has been fixed.

Marketing Tools

  • There was an issue with displaying query detail when the payment type filter (one time/ recurring) was used when building a query for Marketing Tools. This has been fixed.


  • Identified an issue where, in specific scenarios, the template ownership gets changed if edited. This has been fixed.

  • Page quick reports were previously missing email conversion numbers for messages sent from the Marketing Tools. This has been resolved.


  • Additional zeros were previously added to the donation amount when processing RWF currency in Stripe. This has been fixed.

  • When using the Direct Gift field with the Stripe gateway, we identified an issue where the field's value gets duplicated. This has been fixed.

  • The Donor Advised Fund (DAF) payment type was showing incorrectly in live transactions. This has been fixed.


  • Page processing calls for donation pages using an API User with the “Page Processing should respect Remote Address” setting enabled were sporadically failing with an ‘unauthorized’ error even if the IPs were whitelisted. This has been fixed.

May 2024 Hotfix

This hotfix deployed May 31, 2024 at 3pm ET.


Event reminder email functionality has been changed so that the most recently updated content of the reminder is sent to supporters. Previously supporters would receive the reminder content that was configured at the time they submitted the page.

The functionality has also been updated so refunding supporter’s event tickets and setting the page status to Closed will prevent the reminder emails from sending.

May 2024

This release deployed May 17, 2024 at 5pm ET. 

Notable Updates

Email Classic access

  • The top level navigation access for Email Classic has now been removed. Please note email classic can still be accessed via the Marketing Tools drop-down.

VGS Tokenization

  • Test credit cards can now be used in ENS API when the chosen gateway is in test mode, and with the standard non-payment endpoints:

  • The payment type field is now disabled under supporter lookup, as it will be auto-populated based on the credit card entered by user.

For more details, please visit this page about VGS tokenization.

Marketing Tools – free and flexible email templates

We continue to improve our sample template and sample blocks to address client needs and facilitate migration to the Marketing Tools.


  • Body text block – fixed padding issue seen on some iPhones.

  • Two column layouts – fixed issue affecting some versions of Outlook on Mac (eg Outlook Office 365 macOS 12).

  • Image size now maintained when larger images are uploaded.

  • Buttons no longer use VML, which was causing duplication issues when emails were forwarded from Outlook.

  • Full width banner logos can now be added.

  • Improvement: Image block with optional caption.

New sample blocks

  • New sample block for signature photo and text.

  • New sample block for displaying a progress bar. Note: the progress is not displayed dynamically.


Gateways – Stripe

  • Added a new Stripe webhook event to better handle ACH disputes and keep the transaction status up-to-date.

  • Additional metadata will be passed to the Stripe gateway to reflect values submitted into tagged transactional data fields : tax deductible, other 1-4 and appeal code.


  • Annual Receipt emails will now be signed with whatever the “From” address of the email is for DKIM.

Marketing Tools

  • We have added an additional confirmation overlay when sending a new broadcast or changing a schedule of an existing one.


Marketing Tools

  • There was an issue with the correct display of replacement sections when using ‘select’ type replacements in Marketing tools templates. This has been fixed.

  • Marketing tools reporting has been updated to show correct subject lines for conditional and split test messages.

  • There was an issue creating custom URL parameters in Marketing Tools under certain conditions. This has been fixed.

  • It wasn’t possible to add an email sender before authenticating a domain. This has been fixed.

Email Classic

  • Source button is now available again for legacy template based emails.


  • There was an issue with FCR transactions not showing correctly in ENS export. This has been fixed.

April 2024

This release deployed on April 5, 2024 at 3pm ET.

Notable Updates

Chariot Payment Gateway

Updated to the latest API to support automatic grant status updates. After this release, there is no need to manually update the grant status from the Engaging Networks lookup supporter page. Note that this will update the existing transaction.

VGS Tokenization

  • Enhanced compatibility for older browsers.

  • Better support for browser autofill: this includes support for FireFox and Safari browsers.

  • VGS has been deployed to the P2P (v2) product.

  • Add the ability to rename the VGS iframe title.

For more details, please visit this page about VGS tokenization.


Stripe PDD

Updated advance notice messages can now be sent to a donor if their PDD mandate is updated via Supporter Lookup or Supporter Hub. Using a new setting in the gateway set up, you can now choose an alternative message to be fired off when an update is made to the PDD mandate. Read more about Advance Notice Messages here.


A new downloadable report is now available to provide a tally of messages sent to target contacts on a specific page. The report can be accessed when you click on the page name in ‘Manage Pages’ ’and will include the following data: Contact First Name, Contact Last name, Constituency, Messages Count.

Page Builder

  • We have added an additional validation to prevent unauthenticated autoresponder senders from being selected on the page. You can read more about domain authentication here.

  • We have implemented an additional warning message when removing a field used in a form block dependency.

Marketing Tools

We have made improvements to click through reporting for values lower than 1%. We will now display CTR values between 0-1% in the email broadcast report in Marketing Tools.


Previously, blueprint templates required modification to be utilized effectively on default web pages such as One-click Unsubscribe, Closed, and One-click Donation. We’ve integrated support for blueprint templates directly into web pages, streamlining the template management process.

Symbolic giving

  • Locale support has been added to product display inside featured list.

P2P (v2)

  • Receipt Inclusion as a Global Setting: Organizations can now control whether offline donors will receive an email acknowledgment and receipt. The new global setting can be toggled from Options > Fundraising.

  • Addition of Text size tool for fundraisers: Added a font size tool for fundraisers editing their page story.

  • Disable ability to remove Credit Card and CVV from P2P Forms: The remove button is no longer available.

  • Check for VGS Tokenized fields added to go live checklist: When first taking a site from testing to live mode, the checklist will now prompt you to tokenize the credit card and cvv fields.



  • Page builder: No warning was shown when removing a field used in a form block dependency. This has been fixed.

Marketing Tools

  • There was an issue with reporting on Marketing Tools broadcasts when long names were used in inner conditional content profiles. This has been resolved.

  • SMS handling webhooks have been updated to write opt out responses for phone formats without + in front (i.e. 16199999999).

  • New dynamic subject line did not populate data in test emails. This has been fixed.

Email Classic

  • There was an issue when scheduling messages in Email Classic where the timezone was defaulting to ‘North America – Pacific Time’. This has been fixed.

P2P (v2)

  • Exporting a report was ignoring the second column. This has been fixed.

  • Adding an “other” field with the type checkbox to a p2p site would not save the value and clicking it would cause the donation to fail. This has been fixed.

  • Ability to use a test gateway: Since the VGS release, P2P users could no longer process test transactions when pointing to a test gateway. This has been fixed.

  • WYSIWYG adding extra <p></p> tags: When editing an email, the editor was adding extra paragraph tags where blank spaces occurred.

  • Single Step Donation Form error: Since the VGS release, Single step donation pages were throwing errors. This has been fixed.

  • Use of site name merge tag in password update email: Use of [[site.site_name]] merge tag in the subject of the password updated email was not working. This has been fixed.

  • Send email from registration confirmation page was not responding: From the registration confirmation screen, the send email window was opening too small for any action to take place. This has been fixed.


  • There was an issue with accepting some pre-paid cards on Vantiv/WP. This has been fixed.

  • There was an issue when processing some Mastercard <orderSource> and <processingType> combinations on Vantiv/WP.  This has been fixed.


February 2024

This release deployed on February 26, 2024 at 3pm ET.

Notable Updates


Enhanced Checkout – Secured by VGS: With this release we are implementing the final update to limit the field type used for Credit Card Number and CVV fields to “token” only.

We have sent separate communication regarding the deadline to update the Credit Card Number and CVV fields on your donation pages to the new “token” field type. Please reach out to your Account Success Manager if you have any questions.

If you use the ENS API to process transactions that include card details (credit card number / CVV), you will be required to use these new API endpoints after this release:

These are for credit card data only. All other data should continue to use our other API endpoints.

If you haven’t done so already, please take the time to read through the page on our Supportal about these updates.

Marketing Tools

We continue to enhance our Marketing Tools with each release, improving the experience for our clients.

  • Rescheduling broadcast emails: This new feature enables users to view and update the send time of scheduled emails. Additionally, users can now cancel or send the scheduled broadcast directly from the broadcasts list.

  • Subject line customisation: New dynamic fields are now available when editing email subject lines, providing enhanced flexibility for crafting personalized content.



  • Moneris 3DS 2.2: We have updated to the latest version of Moneris API to comply with Moneris requirements.

  • Donor Advised Fund (DAF) processing (US only): The look and feel of DAF pay buttons have been updated to the latest version.


Allowed Domains: It is now required to update the “Allowed Domains” section under “Account Preferences” with your custom domains.



Events: An issue had been discovered when using radio buttons to edit attendee information on event pages. This has been fixed.

Query Builder

Marketing Tools: Marketing Tools broadcasts were not available under the multi-select feature in the query builder. This has been addressed.

Send time optimization: Emails were sent earlier than scheduled for some supporters without timezone configured in Engaging Networks when send time optimization was enabled for email sending. This has been resolved.

VGS: Added support which will allow older browsers to use token fields.

January 2024

This release deployed on January 12, 2024 at 3pm ET.

Notable Updates


Enhanced Checkout – Secured by VGS: we are deploying new security enhancements as part of our commitment to protect donor information and maintain the highest standards of data security. Clients can now start updating pages that process credit card transactions to take advantage of these updates using a new tokenization method. Starting with this release, Engaging Networks will auto-select the card type (Visa, Mastercard, etc.) and will show the credit card logo out-of-the-box, so that no further customization will be needed. In addition, the CVV field will automatically be limited to either 3-digits or 4-digits, depending on the card type. For more information, please refer to our Supportal page.

Page Builder

Shared Domain Deprecation: with this release, clients can no longer use the following shared domains in their pages: *, *, and * Moving forward, clients need to start using their own custom subdomains. For more information, visit the Supportal page.



  • Stripe PDD (UK only): additional API calls have been implemented to retrieve updates to Paperless Direct Debit Mandate. Also, an additional transaction will be written alongside the respective donor record, when PDD payment is canceled via their bank.

Marketing Tools

  • Following Google and Yahoo’s recent announcement of plans to make changes to how they manage email security on their platforms, we have implemented a series of updates to email sent via Engaging Networks servers to comply with the new requirements and assure maximum deliverability of clients emails.

  • Marketing Automation: A new Engagement Marketing Automation has been added to allow clients to trigger email series based on a custom date field. This type of automation can be used to send a reminder a number of days before a custom date present on the supporter record. Please note: supporters will be able to reenter the automation.

  • Improvements have been made to the text editor toolbar to make it always visible at the top of the screen when editing longer text blocks.

Bug Fixes


  • Donor Advised Fund (DAF) processing (US only): An issue has been discovered where Captcha is being ignored when using DAF as a payment method, this has been fixed.

  • Stripe Digital Wallets: When processing payment using Apple Pay, the phone number wasn’t populated correctly from the digital wallet settings, this has been resolved.

  • Double the Donation: Under certain conditions, the company was not appearing on the thank you page on initial selection. This did not affect the storing of the company but a fix had been applied to load the widget in the correct order, fixing the display on the thank you page.

  • PayPal One Touch: An issue has been discovered where some PayPal One Touch transactions weren’t recorded, this has been fixed.


  • Membership Report: An issue has been discovered where the Campaign Status column shows blank values when exporting data, this has been fixed now.

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